Saturday, December 13, 2003

I'm Back! 

Blogger decided to hate me, so I've moved this thing onto blogspot. Sorry if you feel you've missed anything, and I hope this is finally back to normal.

Day 3 Workout & Diet 

So the exercise = energy thing never ceases to amaze me. I felt lethargic and horrible all day yesterday. Despite a horrible night's sleep last night again, I did my cardio workout this morning, and have felt fantastic all day.

I've decided that for the time being I'm not going to use the sanctioned Body-for-LIFE 20 minute Aerobics plan. In case I've got any strangers who stumble upon this, I live in Vancouver, BC - and it's damn cold and wet and nasty here this time of year. I quit my gym not too long ago, and really, getting there and back is just too much of a hassle for me to be motivated to go. I also don't have any sort of cardio equipment here besides my own feet (although there's a kinetic stationary bike that I have my eye on).

I do, however, have a fitness video that has a 30 minute Aerobics component. I used it this morning, and it definitely brought me up to a 9. I could have really given 'er to get to a 10, but I was more concerned with following along. I also wasn't keeping track of the time, so I didn't know how much more energy I would have to use. I'll definitely make it to the 10 next time. That is, if I can manage to stop giggling about the video instructor so obviously shaking her goods at some unseen camera man just offscreen.

I didn't come home last night, so I didn't plan my meals for the day. It resulted in a bit of a haphazard approach to the whole eating thing today, although I don't think I did too badly. I ended up eating a 2 portion sized meal at 5:00 PM, I just hadn't had the time to fit in the small meals during the day. I wasn't awake long enough, but I was really hungry. That'll be something to watch for in the future.

But other than being 1 complete meal short for the day, it still looks like I'm doing alright. It's kindof crazy - I feel like I must be doing this wrong, because even if I don't count the botched day yesterday, it seems so easy...

Day 3 Diet

Friday, December 12, 2003

Day 2  

Yah uhm... despite my best intentions, the workout didn't happen.

I got a horrible night's sleep, and just couldn't haul my arse outta bed in time to get to work, let alone workout.

I really wanted to workout in the afternoon, but that didn't quite happen either between running around the mall, and collapsing like a dead woman on the couch.

I'll be better tomorrow, I promise!

Food wasn't so bad though - it's pretty easy to keep up on the diet, thank goodness for that.

Day Two Diet

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Day 1 Diet 

Day One Diet

First off, getting up and exercising this morning made a *huge* difference to my energy today. Normally around 3:00 I want to curl up and sleep for an hour or two. Nada today. And again when I get home, I usually want to go to sleep at about 8. We'll see what happens tonight - but I definitely don't feel as tired as I usually do.

So the eating thing has been pretty easy all day. It's a tad harder when I get home and there's a kitchen full of junk food (mostly not mine). I know I've cheated twice today - once with the tiny candy cane (funny how I didn't even realize I shouldn't have until it was already gone) and again with the soy chai latte - which is an extra protein (although I did use fat-free soy!).

Right now I'm REALLY craving some potato smiles with mayo. But I'll save them for my free day. Knowing that's coming up makes it a lot easier.

Day 1 Workout 

Day One Workout

I just finished this morning's workout, and although I feel good, I also feel like it kindof sucked. I feel like I wasted a day "figuring it out" because many of the exercises just didn't quite feel right and I never got past a 5 or 6 for intensity for the most part.

I finally felt the burn when I got into the tricep workout - bench dips are challenging, and I know how to do them well, and I finally reached a high point getting through the final set!

By the time I got to the end, I was feeling like I had at least made the effort, which was good - and I tacked on one set of 12 modified pushups, which pushed me to an intensity level of about 8.5, just because I was so disappointed with how the chest exercises turned out at the beginning. Once I finished those I felt better.

I'll definitely have to think long and hard about how I go about the upper body workout next time, to get more impact out of it, and find some exercises from other sources that will work well for me and my setup. And note to self: a coffee table is not a comfortable or practical alternative to a workout bench.

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