Thursday, January 02, 2003

A Year in Review

First of all, I'll start off with a toast to ring in 2003:
"Here's to you, and Here's to me,
And if at times we disagree,
To Hell with you, and Here's to me!"

2002 was really a very egocentric year for me. While 2001 was my "shit" year where nothing much went right, 2002 was all about putting the tools I had gained in 2001 - about living a better life - to use. I focused mostly on myself this past year, and I must say I think it paid off. I have grown in relationships that I already had, and worked up the courage to form some new ones, many of which I feel will be really special as I grow older.

So I think 2003 will be a very giving year for me. At least that is my "resolution" (I hate those things - but the word fits). Now that I have spent some time figuring myself out, I'd like to try to give more to others. Give blood, volunteer, and be a kinder, gentler person in general - all while maintaining my own levels of sanity. I think I can, I think I can...

So to all my readers, all the best in this new year - I hope it brings for you all that you had imagined and hoped for. And should the road get bumpy ahead - give me a call if you need to.

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