Saturday, November 09, 2002

I am cranky.

After getting home from a very long day last night - and making it a little longer by catching up on things with my roommate until 2:30am or so, I finally got to sleep at about 3:00am. Sudenly at 9:30am the neighbour next door decides to crank up his crazy bass infused electronica. I was not amused. He does this every afternoon between 4:30 and 7:00pm anyway, since he's pissed off that the little girl upstairs practices piano and he has to listen to it - and I've learned to live with that. I sit in the living room (which is furthest away from his apartment) and put on a classical CD and do homework if that's what I really need to do.

But this morning was totally unacceptable. So I rolled out of bed, put on my housecoat and slippers, and walked down the hall to knock on his door. Nobody would answer. So I knocked again. And again. And again. Finally I took to knocking continuously until somebody answered. I got close. His crazy screechy wife or girlfriend or whatever yelled at me through the door (but wouldn't open it). I told her to turn the music down please, since their speakers are on the same wall as my bedroom and I work nights so I was sleeping (not totally untrue - I do work nights, just didn't work last night). She went on some rant about the piano war but said she would turn it down on this particular instance.

So now things are quiet. But I am awake. And I am angry. I want to do something to these people that will make them miserable - but is still fairly harmless (setting their apartment on fire would undoubtedly have a negative affect on mine). I'm thinking about letting the air out of their tires (I'd just have to find out which is their car first). Not slashing them - that would be too extreme - but letting all the air out so that they're really annoyed and inconvenienced. Just as I have been.

Get the picture about what I want to do here folks? Suggestions welcome.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

All is not lost! I have managed to remedy my problems, and am all registered up for the Spring semester - with anticipation to graduate on time, in April. Happy Day!
I have done a bad bad thing. I was supposed to pay my registration deposit (5 days ago) so that I can register for classes today. I assumed that my overpayment of tuition fees last semester would just be carried over and cover that - but to my chagrin, apparently it doesn't work that way. I would've had to go to the cashier's office and specifically instruct them to carry it over - which I did not do. Now I have to go down there today and hope and pray that if I wave some cash in their faces, they'll take it and let me register tomorrow or Friday. Worst case scenario - I don't get to register for five days and it totally screws up any chance I had of graduating in the near future.


Why do I always make these kind of mistakes - it's like I go out to ruin my life on purpose.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

For some strange reason, I can't think of much to say lately that I feel would be remotely exciting to anyone who reads this (and considering the stuff I do consider exciting enough to post on here - that's pretty darned boring). I did, however, find something on Donna's site that might be slightly entertaining to a few people. Here are 20 things that I can do that many people can't (I think).

1. Read really fast (I'm talking speedreading here folks - I haven't met anyone who reads quite as quickly as I do)
2. Kick any boy's butt I've ever known at go-karts
3. Figure out the most efficient way to use almost any photocopier known to man
4. Be very afraid to try new things - then do them anyway
5. Brew beer (real beer - not those nasty 'as seen on tv beer machine' things)
6. Pour the perfect black & tan (don't know what it is? ask for one at a respectable pub - they're tasty!)
7. Be a good waitress - those, my friends, are few and far between.
8. Be very very patient
9. Forgive
10. Enjoy being out in the rain
11. Prepare Christmas dinner for 10 - and have it turn out perfect
12. Clean - impeccably.
13. Organize anything
14. Rollerskate (not blade - skate)
15. Kill spiders (which I'm deathly afraid of)
16. Fish
17. Canoe
18. Multitask
19. Live well on the tightest budget known to man
20. Finish this list (not as easy as it looks folks!)

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

gay sheep.
who knew?

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