Friday, September 20, 2002

Dishwasher guy came and went, and the darn thing still isn't fixed. He needs to order a part. He's going to call.... why can't men ever make a committment that's a little more endearing than "I'll call you" ???

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Today was a good good day :) I thought it was going to seriously suck for a little while there, because I slept in, then missed the bus I wanted to take to school... but all was well, and it turned into a fantastic day.

I went out to mom and dad's place for the afternoon, and took care of some unfinished business - most of which involved collecting a veritable bucketfull of money that was owed to me by various people. Then it was off to the salon with mom to get our hair done, and I got my bushy eyebrows thatched (yay... there's two of them now!). My hairdresser loves me and gave me a great blowout for the weekend to go with my new blonder bob, and darned if I don't look supercute (even more so than usual) !

Things can only get better, since Fridays are my favorite days. I get to spend the afternoon downtown (which I adore doing), and the weekend begins. I'm also supposed to get my dishwasher fixed tomorrow (finally - if the guy shows up this time) which will certainly be a blessing, since I procured myself a fine new set of wineglasses that need to be washed before I use them.

Aah if only every day could be this nice - although I suppose a crappy day should be thrown in there every once in a while, so that I don't forget to appreciate how good the good days really are :)

Monday, September 16, 2002

I am falling seriously behind in my readings for school... I better get back on it, or this semester will be a totally lost cause. I'm having a lot of trouble trying to decide exactly how I want to finish up my last bit of schooling. I have a few choices, perhaps those of you who read this can give me a wee hand feeding me some input as to what you think is the best way to go:

1. work my arse off and graduate by the skin of my teeth by May 2003 (a nearly (but not quite) impossible feat)
2. Work slightly less hard and graduate in August 2003 (after taking my final classes over next summer)
3. Fit in a co-op semester so that I can get my co-op certificate and graduate in December 2003
4. Get in two co-op semesters and get a co-op degree and graduate in June 2004 (one whole year after I would if I worked my ass off just doing classes).

If anyone's done the co-op program and realized that it helped them get a job after school, let me know! One of the biggest concerns I have is student loans. I'm currently nearing $30,000 in loans, and I'm not anxious to rack up a whole lot more. Co-op terms are paid, so I could take care of most - if not all - of my expenses doing that, but I'm a little worried about getting further into debt due to unforseen circumstances.


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