Thursday, September 12, 2002

Well, I picked up the new cable, plugged it in, and everything worked like a charm! Kindof makes me feel even stupider than I already did, but at least it works. Another plus - patch cable is about 1/2 the price of crosswire, so I got $20 back :)

I feel like I'm living in a permanent state of disrepair. My entire building is being re-piped, so there's constant construction work going on from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, complete with anywhere up to 6 men (none of whom are terribly good looking - what a waste) and their equipment forming a gauntlet through the hallways. They do clean up at the end of the day, but I would be VERY leery of trying to walk through the halls being either overtired or otherwise inebriated during the daytime. This is also putting kindof a damper on my plans to have a housewarming gathering. Work is supposed to be completed by mid to late November, so I suppose I'll just have a Christmas party instead.

And if any of you remember, I was very excited about the fact that this apartment has a dishwasher. Well, something in it burnt out (good thing it's still under warranty) and the repair guy was supposed to come on Sept. 10 to fix it. I waited around all morning, and he never showed. So I called my landlord (who arranged the whole thing) and asked him to find out what's going on. Turns out that because the apartment buzzers are by name, and no way related to the apartment number (for security reasons) the guy didn't know what unit to buzz, and just left. No phone call, no nothing. Figured it wasn't his job to find out or something. Asshole. He's scheduled to come back on the 20th to fix it - I'll make sure to post a little note that says "ring here dishwasher dumbass" just so he knows. I really hope I'm home when he comes over so I can tell him just what a moron he is. Oh, and his name is Romeo - this should be fun :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Seems I had so much to say, that I've gotta post in two episodes of blogger! Enjoy :)

Part One:So I had a total moment of utter retardedness yesterday. I went to hook up my roommate's computer to my hub and nothing I tried would work - I mean nothing !!! So I called shaw to see if the connection was okay, and if we indeed had 2 ip addresses, and yes, all was well. The kind tech support dude was even nice enough to walk me through a few different things on my roommate's computer to make sure it wasn't her computer, and no it wasn't. Turns out that me, being in a hurry and not paying attention to anything bought a crosswire cable instead of a patch cable, and was trying to connect to a hub with it. *sigh* So now I get to go back to London Drugs today to exchange it, then hopefully all will be well.

Part Deux:In other news, I went out to a killer little restaurant last night, Subeez Cafe and boy oh boy do I ever recommend it. I had the Chicken Burger - they put melted Brie on it! - and Brian had the (breakfast all day) Breakfast Burrito. The Garlic Mayo Fries are absolutely to die for, and it's an all around awesome atmosphere.

On the flip side, two places that I certainly don't recommend from my escapades on Friday night: We first headed over to club Luce (in the old Hard Rock Cafe building) where we were told that it was $20 each to the bouncer just to get to the door, plus cover. We decided that was a little too rich for our blood but didn't think too much of it until later when Esther went back. She was then bypassed for a couple of Chinese girls behind her. Now I have no problem with a club trying to attract a certain crowd based on a dress code, etc. But based on what I've relayed here, and some other things besides, we came to the conclusion that we werejust a little too white to get in (the crowd was predominantly Chinese). Not that I have anything against Chinese people either - I *do* have a thing against descrimination. It's never been right, it never will be.

The other bar that I don't highly recommend is The Drink. Now perhaps it was just a bad night, but the crowd was lame, the staff was lame (the waitress charged Cam $4.75 for the first drink, then tried to tell him the same drink was $5.75 the second time around - when he questioned it the waitress said "Oh, sorry, you're right. Don't mind me I'm drunk") and I was served a double scotch on the rocks in a Brandy Snifter with a straw! I must say though that the DJ was decent, and we had fun pointing and laughing and the trashy people that were there.

Gee possums, seems I had lots to say today, I'll try to make every blog this rich and exciting, but now it's time to go exchange that cable....

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