Thursday, August 15, 2002

So, dear darling Donna (aka Arwen for all you irc-ers out there) found a nifty little thing that says the average woman has 25 items in her handbag. She managed to find 20 items in her purse, and I think I can certainly outdo that. Perhaps a woman's purse is a more accurate window to her soul than her lyin' eyes could be.

Jen's Purse:

1. Wallett

2. Small bottle of Calgon body mist (I have about 12 of these, so the scent changes regularly)

3. Granola bars (you never know when you'll be stuck somewhere dying for a snack)

4. Bottle of Udderly Smooth Udder Cream (50,000 cows and Shania can't be wrong)

5. Sunglasses case with extra lenses

6. Bottle of Advil

7. Small bottle of spray-on sunscreen

8. pack of gum (Dentyne Ice Intense - mmmm)

9. Bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer (who knows what gross things you'll touch over the course of a day)

10. Key Lanyard (a lanyard is one of those rope things that everyone seems to have their keys on nowadays - although mine aren't attached to this one)

11. A set of airplane pins left from the airshow

12. Visene for contacts (my lifesaver)

13. calculator

14. Day Timer (my life in random scribbles)

15. various items of makeup (if I were to itemize them all, we'd be here all day)

16. jiffy marker (you can't imagine how many times this has come in handy)

17. Cell Phone

18. Extra Cell phone battery

19. Cell phone hands-free headset

20. business cards

21. loose change

22. 2 corkscrews

23. bottle opener

24. keys

25. lighter and matches (i'm not a smoker, but again, handy to have)

26. random jewelry that I've either taken off or has fallen off over the course of a day and hasn't made it back into the jewelry box

27. Notepad and Pens.... so very many pens (maybe I should give one to Donna, who doesn't have one right now)

There you have it folks, more crap in my bag than the average woman... I always knew I was more than average :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Well... my 7 days of hell are officially over. Working that much and being treated like worthless hired help for most of the time is just not worth the peanuts I'm getting paid. But that's all over and I'm better now. Got to hang out with some very cool guys from the CF-18 Hornets team (shout outs to Cowboy, Dutchie, Dewey and Craig!) after the airshow, and my darling little co-worker even managed to fux0r the pilot (go Cheryl!). Silly kids :)

I also purchased a killer new coffee machine and got a screamin' hot deal on it. It was originally $199.00, marked down several times to a final price of $80, then an additional 50% off! I'm going to have steamed milk every single night for the rest of my life!!!! mmm.... simple pleasures get me every time :)

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