Thursday, August 01, 2002

My experiences in Merritt are now an online photo album, view it Here
Happiness is.... finding a nice apartment to live in for the school year (and perhaps beyond) that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and is really close to a mall! Talk to me later about the housewarming.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

**Note to readers** I meant to post today's blogs quite some time ago, unfortunately due to blogger issues, they didn't appear, but without further adieu.... here they are!!!!

Ok, so here's the story, in Merritt, the people you're camping near usually end up becoming your friends (at least during the festival) because it makes it nice when you're able to combine resources (such as coolers, ice, shade, etc.) to make everyone's experience a little more pleasant. So we ended up camping near some girlies who were quite well developed for their age (they were 18 - or so we thought) even though they had some significant 'junk in the trunk' . But these girlies squeezed their cushy bits into some fairly scanty outfits, so the boys weren't complaining. One of these girls even earned the coveted nickname Jennifer Spears (a combination of J-Lo and Brittney, so the boys said). After a week of chasing after Jen Spears, and calling himself her agent, boosting her image with a jiffy marker tattoo, etc., my good buddy C was successful in ignoring any other favorable female prospects. On the last day in Merritt, most people had gone home (we stay an extra day to avoid the rush of the great exodus) and we were chatting with some of our other neighbours (Hi Tiny and Kate if you're out there!) we found that Jen Spears had revealed an extra secret of her success to Tiny. Thankfully C hadn't gotten any play from the great Miss Spears, because she was not 18, she was FIFTEEN! Lesson learned my friends.... ALWAYS ask to see their ID.
Well, I'm back again, and I promise to relate a somewhat amusing Merritt story (at least it was pretty funny at the time) soon enough, but first I have something almost important to say. I think I've been relating some fairly boring blogs because I'm a little frightened about the prospect of putting my personal baggage online for people to read. Well bullox to that I say! This is supposed to be an online journal, so that's darned well what it's going to be! So I'm trying to write a paper for school (15 pages due by Thursday 4:00pm) and it's proving to be difficult. Not that I have no idea what to write, I just have no motivation to start writing it. Then it hit me - I've become so afraid of failure that I'm practically terrified at starting a project because of the fear that it will not go well. This is also affecting other aspects of my life - I need to find a new apartment, but the one I lived in last year was horrible, and moving is so much of a pain that I really don't want to do it; I need to buy a car, the money's in the bank, but last time I bought a car it turned out to be a lemon, so I'm not really looking very hard. I seriously need to work on this, anyone who has any advice, please help!

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