Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Ok, so I've returned from my escapades in the Upper Nicola Valley, and *man* am I tired. I actually returned to home sweet home yesterday, but was too darned tired to do much except sleep (seeing as I didn't do that much over the past week). I have so much to say about my wee jaunt, but where to begin? Alan Jackson was hands down the best performer I've seen there, but everyone else was amazing as well. There were some amazing wind/dust storms over the weekend, I believe the Province put it best when they wrote that it was like "Kandahar with Cowboy Hats" - although a dust storm is definitely still preferable to rain. On another note, my dear friends Brian and Robin gave birth to a bouncing baby boy (Riley Alexander is the final choice on the name I do believe) early - very early - Monday morning, so congratulations to them! I'm still in the progress of recovering and fairly tired, so I think I'll relay more fun stories later in the week.

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